Ruud Hendriks

Ruud Hendriks (1959) is a Dutch  journalist  and entrepreneur living in Amsterdam. He was involved in lots of start-up’s in radio, television and other fields and was on the executive board of Endemol Entertainment for many years.

Ruud is co-founder of Startupbootcamp, Radiohost at BNR Newsradio and a Supervisory board member of Dutch bank Theodoor Gilissen, Eyeworks Tv and The Frans Hals Museum. He’s a member of the advisory boards of a.o ad agency BSUR.

Together with Patrick de Zeeuw Ruud wrote ‘I’m Hungry, 100 ways to startup, accelerate and innovate a company’.

He’s a regular speaker about innovation, entrepreneurial affairs and media on seminars.

Ruud is married with Annemieke van der Mast.

Twitter; @ruudhendrikstv



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